【Super advanced level】 Level:Super high
Because this design uses a 40count (16threads/cm) linen which is usually not used for Hardanger embroidery, the finished work looks very delicate and pretty. On the other hand, it might be difficult to stitch and make up compared to a regular biscornu with Hardanger embroidery.

This downloadable 7 pages pdf document includes a color chart, material list, instructions for stitching and making up and handy to know tips.

※You will need※
・40ct linen
・Satin fabric
・DMC Pearl cotton thread No.12 5 colors
・Sajou Lace thread Calais cocoon 3 colors
・2㎜ Pearl beads
・4㎜ Pearl beads
・1.5㎜ Glass beads
・Wool for batting

Please be aware that this chart is for super advanced stitchers. Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products, no return and no refundable policy is applied.

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